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Board of Trustees Operating Procedures



What does your School Board do?

The Board of Trustees is a policy-making body of persons elected by the citizens of a school district. The school administration executes the policies that it establishes. Board members have no authority except when functioning as a board member in an official meeting.

Candidates run for specific places but do not represent certain geographical areas. Following the annual election, the Board elects a president, a vice-president, and a secretary to serve one-year terms.


Primary responsibilities of the Board:

• Manage and govern the public schools of the District;
• Adopt such rules, regulations, and bylaws as the Board deems appropriate;
• Levy and collect taxes and issue bonds;
• Prepare, adopt, and file a budget for the succeeding fiscal year and file a report of the disbursements and receipts for the preceding fiscal year;
• Have the District's fiscal account audited at district expense by a Texas-certified accountant;
• Receive bequests and donations or other monies or funds coming legally into its hands in the name of the District;
• Order, canvass the returns, declare results, and issue certificates of elections as required by law;
• Acquire and hold real and personal property in the name of the District; and
• Have the legal power and duty to perform other specific duties imposed by the State of Texas statutes. (Sec BAA, Board Policy Manual)

If you have additional questions, contact the Valley View ISD Superintendent at 940-726-3659.