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Athletic Training

Athletic Training/Sports Medicine


The mission of Valley View ISD Athletic Training/ Sports Medicine coincides with Valley View Athletics’ mission to develop championship student-athletes of character on and off the field and provide the best medical care to the student-athletes at Valley View. This medical care includes prevention, recognition, evaluation & diagnosis, treatment, management, rehabilitation, and medical referral of all athletic injuries, if necessary.



  The purpose of the Athletic Trainer is to:

  1.  Allow easy access to sports medicine services for student-athletes

  2.  Encourage a philosophy of sport that places a high value on health and wellness

  3.  Enable injured student-athletes to return to their sport as soon as medically safe

     4.  Substantially reduce the risk of athletic injury for student-athletes



Athletic Training Room Hours

Injury Evaluations/Check-in Monday-Friday 7 AM and 3 PM

Injury Evaluations/Rehabs Monday-Friday 7 AM

Treatments Monday-Friday after practices

Varsity Football Saturday Treatments 8 AM