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School Counseling Services


What does a School Counselor do? 

School counselors are here for STUDENTS, PARENTS, and TEACHERS!


Small Group Counseling

Occasionally, students have specific concerns that need to be addressed. Small group counseling allows students with similar challenges to identify problems, express themselves in a safe and understanding environment, and learn strategies for continued success! Small group topics are determined and offered on an “as-needed” basis. Some examples of small group topics include (but are not limited to) social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, and grief. 

Individual Counseling & Planning

Individual counseling and planning have many benefits for students. This service is used primarily to help students facing unique challenges. Individual counseling can help students identify their strengths and interests, address behavior concerns, assist with life transitions, or learn healthy ways to cope with a variety of emotions. 

Referrals and Consultation

A key component of my role as a school counselor is to consult with parents and teachers. I will work with parents and teachers to review student academic performance, provide support when seeking help, and provide information regarding community/area resources.